4 Ways Business Intelligence can Support Tender Monitoring

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Finding the right tools for tender monitoring can be challenging. Every business has different needs when it comes to procurement (whether private or public procurement), and to win higher value contracts, it is important that your business is covering all the bases.

So how can business intelligence support tender monitoring and help you find and win valuable tenders?

1. Tender Alerts

The most obvious method of tender monitoring is Tender Alerts. This type of service alerts you to any upcoming or published tenders that match the specific keywords your business uses to segment relevant contract opportunities.

Many businesses find a service like this valuable as it eliminates the need to manually search through various tender portals and can make their procurement strategy more efficient.

Get notified about new business opportunities as they are published with Tracker.

2. Market Intelligence

What if your business could identify new tender opportunities early?

Tracker’s Market Intelligence tool is a news feed that provides users with content from a range of public procurement sources.

This crucial market information can be used strategically to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors and can also drive your business to be more proactive when tendering for public and private sector tenders in the UK and beyond.

3. Archive Data

Historical data can help you prepare for the future when it comes to public procurement. Tracker’s Archive Data tender intelligence tool was created for this.

Using this type of solution will allow your business to identify buyers who have previously purchased the goods or services your business supplies — if they have purchased before, it is likely that they will purchase again.

This puts your business in a good place, as you will know what connections to make and what types of businesses you should reach out to.

4. Spend Analysis

Think outside the box and start using Tracker’s Spend Analysis tool to monitor tenders and identify buyer spend patterns.

This type of tendering intelligence tool will allow your business to stay informed about the buying organisations your business wants to work with, such as where they spend, with whom, on what, and in which sectors.

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Tracker is a Complete Tender Monitoring Solution

Tracker offers access to all the latest tendering intelligence and tools you need to gain valuable insight into your industry and competitors.

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Get More out of Your Tender Monitoring with Tracker

However your business monitors tenders, Tracker can provide new innovative ways to enhance your procurement processes.

See how the tendering intelligence tools mentioned above can be used to support your business in finding new business opportunities in the public sector.

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