Why Use a Procurement Bid Management Tool?

Procurement strategy can vary from organisation to organisation, but one thing all suppliers should have in common when bidding for contracts is a procurement bid management tool.

There are many benefits to using business intelligence tools and procurement software to manage your bid management processes. A bid management system can help you save time, manage bid workflows, and track bid activity and success rates.

Learn more about why you should use Tracker’s Bid Manager — an all-in-one solution for bid tracking — as your bid management system.

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How Bid Manager Can Increase Your Chances of Success

Tracker’s bid management system is a procurement intelligence tool designed to streamline the entire bidding process to help your business grow through more efficient bid tracking.

The benefits of Bid Manager include:

  • No more lost paperwork — everything is stored electronically in one centralised location

  • Save money on storage

  • Multi-user access for enhanced collaboration — your team can invite non-licence holders to collaborate on bids

  • Complete audit trail of the procurement process

  • Continuously monitor bid status — several bids can be managed at the same time

  • Secure access — ISO27001 certified

As you can see, Tracker’s Bid Manager is an all-in-one bid management solution for procurement professionals and businesses wanting to find, bid for, and win more tenders. Here’s how it does this:

1. Track Bid Statuses

Tracker’s Bid Manager is an easy-to-use solution for keeping track of every bid that is in the process of being submitted and every bid submission already made by your business.

Our bid management system helps you keep tabs on the progress of each project bid in real-time through every phase of the tendering process.

From creating bid submissions for new contract notices and managing bids all the way through to contract management and project completion, Tracker’s Bid Manager lets you easily track all your bid activity.

2. Track Every Document

Our bid management software helps you keep track of and store your tender documents, including response documents, all on one procurement platform.

All your project information is stored on one centralised platform, which means you have instant visibility of all the documents you need during the bid process.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration is key for many businesses when it comes to finding and winning public sector contracts. With many users working on the same procurement project, it is vital that everyone involved can easily track all tender opportunities, manage bids, and stay in the loop through the entire project life cycle.

Tracker’s bid management tendering tool offers your business a safe and secure multi-site space that offers multi-user access in a central location, in real-time.

Tracker’s Bid Manager procurement management software also has a discussions tab. This allows your bid teams to collaborate and update each other on any changes that are made to bid applications, such as new contract information, proposals, or any other project status updates.

By providing a secure platform for your team to share project documents and more, our tender tool allows for easy team collaboration that can help you save time and increase productivity.

4. Monitoring & Evaluation of your Bidding Process

Tracker’s bid management software gives your business a platform on which to monitor and track your timescales, workflows, performance, and success rates.

This gives you everything you need for bid analysis and to gain an understanding of how many bids you are making, how many buyers you are securing, and the factors affecting your success. With this insight, you can continuously hone your bid management strategy.

All Tracker Customers can Access our Bid Management Tool

The Bid Manager tool on Tracker allows all customers, regardless of subscription level, to organise their personal bid documents in a single, easy to use bid management tool.

Once you have gathered the right tender opportunities through our Tender Alerts tool, Tracker’s Bid Manager is the space where you can access supporting documents instantly and create and manage all bid responses in one place.

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Construction Bid Management — Manage Commercial Tenders with Tracker

With the increase in government and public sector outsourcing, more and more tendering opportunities are becoming available within the private sector marketplace. Tracker helps construction businesses find, manage, and win tenders in both the public sector and private sector.

We work with customers from a diverse range of sectors. Interserve is a construction, equipment and facilities management service company benefiting from our Commercial Projects tool and bid management system.

Olwen Langford, Marketing and Research Assistant at Interserve said that Interserve “values Tracker because it is completely user-friendly and ensures no tender opportunities are missed.”

Not a Tracker Customer?

If you are interested in finding tender opportunities and gaining access to our Bid Manager, speak to one of our procurement experts today and see first-hand all the tender opportunities your business is missing out on.

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Our bid management tool is just one of Tracker’s tender management tools. We also have procurement tools for Market Intelligence, Market Leads, Spend Analysis, Tender Alerts, and Historic Data.


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