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Businesses and organisations in all sectors produce waste, including government departments.

If your company offers services for the removal and management of commercial waste or business waste, Tracker can help you find waste management tenders to help you grow your revenue.

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CBC-1613-T-TS - Housing Service Reactive Waste Management

Central Bedfordshire Council

Housing Service Reactive Waste Management Please READ/follow the information and guidance supplied below and within the Tender documents, this will help with your tender submission. ➢ Word count limits apply, any information going over will not be considered. ➢ Respond to ALL questions. ➢ Additional documents or information not required...

PQ0478 - Business Support Programme supporting Inclusive Innovation (funded by Innovate UK via DIATOMIC project)

Birmingham City Council (The Council) are looking for a supplier to offer a bespoke business support to 10 businesses led/owned by women and/or Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic entrepreneurs based in East Birmingham and open to collaborating within the WM Inclusive Entrepreneurship Network. This support will be linked to the...

Landfill Environmental Monitoring

Wexford County Council

Provision of Services for For Environmental Monitoring at the Specified Location

UK-Epping: Refuse recycling services.

Epping Forest District Council

Refuse recycling services. Epping Forest District Council (the Council) is considering how best to procure the reception and forward processing of dry recycling materials collected from the doorstep as part of the Waste Management services from November 2024.,

What are Waste Management Tenders?

Waste management is the process of collecting, transporting, disposing, recycling, and monitoring household or commercial waste.

The prime objective behind waste management practices is to reduce the number of unusable materials and avert potential health and environmental hazards. More and more companies are looking to do this in a more sustainable way in order to have a lower environmental footprint.

In the public sector, waste management tenders refer to instances where a government organisation seeks the provision of waste management services for a specific project or set period of time. This can be anything from a paper recycling tender for a municipal office to a contract for the disposal of waste in a public park.

There are various types of waste management services to be offered to government bodies and similar institutions, including but not limited to:

  • Waste collection

  • Hazardous or radioactive waste management

  • Landfill management

  • Recycling

  • Waste disposal and treatment

  • Site inspections and surveys

  • Wastewater treatment

Securing a waste tender like this means that your business will provide a public sector buyer with the supplies and means of discarding, destroying, processing, recycling, reusing, controlling or disposing of waste products.

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Tracker uses email alerts to notify you about new business opportunities and offers market-leading tools and insights to help you find more waste management tenders.

Why Bid for a Waste Tender?

There will always be a need for a service provider that is able to deal with the collection, disposal, and recycling of waste. These are some of the benefits a business in waste services can take advantage of by bidding for waste management tenders:

  • Consistent waste management and recycling contracts can provide a steady stream of revenue, ensuring that you have a secure income and can offer your employees long-term stability.

  • Tenders can help you gain insight into what is in demand in the waste management industry, which could allow your business to pivot into new profitable areas (like expanding into the realm of general cleaning tenders).

  • Public sector waste tenders can help you build your reputation and business connections and relationships. In the process of fulfilling a contract, you can establish relationships with key contacts. And even if you don’t win the bid, your tender submission shows potential buyers what your business offers.

  • Since many public sector tendering contracts are long-term, you have the opportunity to confidently demonstrate your expertise and reliability. This is especially helpful if you want to move from smaller contracts to bigger ones, as it shows you’re capable of handling large projects.

If you’re ready to start bidding for new business with the public sector, take the first step with Tracker.

Finding Waste Management Tender Contracts in the Public Sector

The public sector is a significant buyer, and as a supplier of waste management services, finding work with government organisations can give your business a huge boost.

Tracker caters to businesses of all sizes to help them find public sector waste management tenders in the UK, Europe, and globally.

Waste Tender Opportunities in the UK

In the UK, more than 200 million tonnes of total waste can be generated in a year. This means there are enormous opportunities for private businesses like yours to get involved in procurement for waste management tenders with the public sector.

We have decades of experience working alongside both suppliers and buyers. This has helped us understand the challenges businesses face when applying for waste tenders in the UK public sector, as well as what generates success.

How to Find & Win Waste Management Tenders with Tracker

Tracker offers a range of procurement tools and services that have been developed and designed to help private waste businesses like yours bid for high-value public sector opportunities.

With our comprehensive portfolio of procurement tools, you can equip your company to secure public sector tender opportunities within the waste management industry. You can use these procurement intelligence tools to give yourself the edge and easily find relevant tenders, framework agreements and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS), such as:

  • waste collection tenders

  • waste removal tenders

  • waste disposal tenders

  • solid waste management tenders

  • wastewater treatment tenders

  • recycling contracts

  • and more

Request a live demo of our tools and services to see how we can put you on the path toward winning waste management tenders.

Tracker's Specialist Procurement Tools

We offer a single online platform where you can manage all your bidding needs, simplifying how you view and procure public sector contracts and helping you gain insights into the market and your competitors.

These are some of our tools to help you find and win tenders for commercial or business waste management services for the public sector:

  • Tender Alerts: Receive daily personalised emails straight to your inbox with the latest published tenders based on the tendering opportunities your business is looking for. We sweep major tender portals across the globe, so you never miss out on new waste management tenders.

  • Bid Manager: Tracker’s Bid Manager tool stores your waste management tender documents and tracks your bids in one centralised location. This does away with error-prone paperwork and provides a database you can easily refer to and collaborate on with your team.

  • Market Intelligence: Our knowledge-gathering Market Intelligence tool can be used to track the movements of your competition within the waste management industry and help you make informed decisions based on the latest industry developments and market insights.

  • Award Data: This tool collates information from past tenders so you can learn from historical data and better prepare yourself for success in upcoming tenders for waste management services. You can also identify public sector buyers who have previously procured what you offer and engage earlier by spotting upcoming re-tenders.

  • Spend Analysis: With the latest spend data, you can see who your competition is winning tenders with, identify buyer spending patterns, and get real-time insight into the current market norms to keep your strategies up to date.

  • Procurement Consultancy: Our team of procurement consultants are highly experienced in the realm of public procurement. We can prepare you for upcoming bids, provide support during your tender exercise, analyse potential challenges, and review past tenders to prepare you better for future bids.

Use our carefully curated selection of procurement services and tools to increase your engagement, be more competitive, and win more bids for public waste management contracts.

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