Why bid for a place on a Framework Agreement?

Many public sector organisations use framework agreements, why? A framework agreement sets out the terms of a tender (price, quality and quantity etc), helping the buying organisation or group of organisations to procure more efficiently.

Due to the growing number of purchasing bodies procuring services and goods through framework agreements, your business should be considering a business intelligence service that will support your search for framework opportunities.


Why do suppliers want to join frameworks?

As framework are often agreed for over a period of four years, a place on a public sector framework will support your business in building long-term relationships with buyers.

Gaining the kind of credibility offered by winning a place on a framework, could expand the opportunities available to your business as it will grow your reputation with both public and private sector buyers.


What’s the difference between framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems (DPS)?

The main difference between procurement frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems is that once a framework has been closed, suppliers cannot apply to join it until it reopens.

Due to the short timeframe your business has to find and win a place on a framework agreement, your business should adopt an early engagement approach when it comes to finding framework agreements that are suited to the goods or services your business uses.

Frameworks tool

The Market Intelligence offered by Tracker can often be used in before a new framework is published. Contract award notices from the type of frameworks your business wants to join can give your information like the kind of suppliers that are part of the framework, the duration of the contract (something which also gives you a potential renewal date) and how much will be spent by the buying organisation.

Gaining this insight will prepare your organisation for when the framework will be tendered again and will allow your business to begin the early engagement process.

Expand your opportunities with the public sector with Tracker’s Frameworks tool. Begin your free trial of Tracker Premier today.

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