Military Tenders

The Ministry of Defence and related departments are continuously publishing new military tenders, with central government spend in the billions and the defence sector being one of the biggest in the UK.

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Free Tender Search Website Development, Hosting and Related Services


Irish Defence Forces, Department of Defence

Military Website Development, Hosting and Related services for The Awarding Authority.

RFI0029 - NavyX Augmented Reality in Ships Bridge Operations - Early Engagement

Ministry of Defence

This is an Request for Information, not an opportunity to tender. NavyX are seeking information to explore the potential applications of AR technology on Naval Ship Bridges. Our primary aim is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements, capabilities, and use cases of AR in the maritime industry....

Levelling Up Fund: Wayfinding Consultancy Services

Canterbury City Council

The Awarding Authority wishes to select and appoint a suitable supplier for the provision of Levelling Up Fund: Connected Canterbury – Wayfinding Consultancy Services and invites tenderers to submit a tender to meet the Council’s requirements The specific requirements for the above are detailed in the Suite of documentation. It...

Levelling Up Fund: Connected Canterbury - Wayfinding Consultancy Services


Canterbury City Council

Canterbury City Council wishes to select and appoint a suitable supplier for the provision of Levelling Up Fund: Connected Canterbury - Wayfinding Consultancy Services and invites tenderers to submit a tender to meet the Council's requirements. Full details and requirements are included within the Invitation to Tender Documentation. Important Notice:...

Request for Tender for the Provision of Primary Care Services


Irish Defence Forces_1144

What the Primary Care Clinic will involve a walk-in Primary Care service, provided each morning and in the afternoon as required, in military barracks. This involves: Patient assessment and treatment/follow up, as necessary Awarding of the appropriate occupational disposal (this is explained below) Processing all follow up referrals/requests for reports,...

What are Military Tenders?

When a government organisation such as the Ministry of Defence (MoD) or any of its operating arms require works, goods, and services specifically for the nation’s armed forces, a tender notice will be published. This tender notice invites relevant suppliers operating within the defence industry to bid for the contract.

Military contracts in the UK cover all the Frontline Commands in defence procurement, such as the Royal Navy, the Royal Airforce, and the British Army. The types of military contracts up for bid are vast and can include anything from military vehicle contracts and cyber security tenders to maintenance tenders and military defence equipment contracts. MoD tenders can even cover research and development (R&D) and the procurement of ammunition.

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Why Bid for a Military Tender?

Bidding on UK military contracts can be incredibly lucrative and beneficial for businesses, especially if the supplier is a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).

The Ministry of Defence is committed to providing support for small businesses looking to work in the defence sector with the hopes of becoming the customer of choice for these suppliers. In this way, the MoD aims to create a competitive and sustainable supply chain for SMEs, allowing them to become the sole providers of equipment and support to the Armed Forces.

The introduction of the Acquisition Pipeline by the MoD in 2022 was a step towards this commitment. The Acquisition Pipeline provides suppliers with a forward look at potential military and defence procurement opportunities across sectors. This forward look allows small businesses to engage earlier with key stakeholders, helping them get ahead of the competition.

The MoD is also hoping to make procurement systems and the procurement process easier to navigate to help improve the engagement by SME suppliers.

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Finding Public Sector in the Public Sector

The Ministry of Defence is one of the biggest public sector procurement organisations in Europe and the single biggest spending customer in the UK. With a commitment to spending over £190 billion over the next decade on equipment and support, they are constantly publishing new military contract opportunities.

Military & Defence Tender Contracts in the UK

While the MoD itself may publish military defence tenders, operating arms within this government body regularly do so as well. Here are a few of the MoD operating arms that may seek to procure works, goods and services for a public sector supplier:

  • The Defence Infrastructure Organisation: The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) is in charge of planning, building, maintaining, and servicing infrastructure for the Armed Forces. Tenders published by the DIO can include technical infrastructure, housing projects, and utility management.

  • Strategic Command: The Strategic Command (previously known as the Joint Forces Command) is responsible for the development and management of joint capabilities across land, air, and sea domains. Military defence contracts published by this arm include cyber security solutions, as well as information and communication technology systems.

  • Defence Equipment & Support: The role of the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) department is to supply the Armed Forces with equipment and support services. Military defence tenders that the DE&S publish can include ammunition, vehicles, and guidance systems.

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How to Win Military Defence Contracts with Tracker

Tracker provides you with access to a selection of industry-leading procurement tools and services that help businesses to engage early, be more competitive, and submit more successful bids for military defence contracts.

Tracker's Procurement Tools

As military defence industry experts, we know what buyers are looking for and what suppliers should do to beat the competition when bidding on military defence tender opportunities. Use our procurement tools to give your business a competitive edge:

  • Gain access to historical tender data and see what military contracts were awarded to your competitors in the past to better prepare for the future with Award Data.

  • Be the first to know about new military defence tenders and projects relevant to your services with daily Tender Alerts sent straight to your inbox.

  • Keep track of all your tender documents throughout the entire procurement process with Bid Manager — completely unique to Tracker!

Additional procurement tools and services offered by Tracker include Spend Analysis, Market Leads, Procurement Consultancy, and Market Intelligence. We can help you find and win a place on lucrative Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Framework Agreements in the military sector.

Tracker — Trusted Procurement Specialists in the UK

With nearly 40 years of market experience, Tracker has the largest database of contract notices & awards in Europe, with coverage across the UK and worldwide.

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Do you have Cyber Essentials certification?

Backed by the government as a cyber security initiative, Cyber Essentials provides businesses with a way of showing that they have a basic level of cyber security in place. This is a mandatory standard for government work and can greatly help you if the military tenders you are aiming to secure involve ICT products and services.

As an added benefit of being a Tracker client, you can receive Cyber Essentials certification. You can also find IT Tenders and Software Tenders using Tracker’s comprehensive intelligence tools.

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