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Some £50Bn of investment in utilities infrastructure sits in the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline, with 95 utilities projects and programmes either ongoing or yet to come on stream. The total sector value to 2020/21 is £35.4Bn, making it a lucrative marketplace for those working in this area.

Our latest must-read white paper, written in association with Construction Online, reviews the utilities market in the UK, assessing recent developments within the overall market as well as individual sub-sectors.

Aspects examined include industry size, level of construction output, new orders, and key factors influencing the future development of the overall market and its sub-sectors.

Utilities: “the forefront of construction activity”

Guest Editor of Construction Online and author of the report Victoria Maggiani discusses the importance of the sector within construction projects throughout the report, backing this with fresh analysis and data from the UK Government. She said:

“Nothing can be built without first providing the basic utilities of waste, water, energy and so forth…

With the UK currently in the midst of a housing drive to address the shortfall in homes, and with revolutionary new technologies delivering an increase in ‘green’ energy, utilities are now firmly at the forefront of construction activity.”

The sector has thrived in recent years with approximately 30 projects to upgrade utilities networks have been completed up to 2018, including Phase I of the London Power Tunnels project – the most significant upgrade to the city’s electricity networks since the 1960s.

Investment into infrastructure

The report, which also gives in-depth analysis of the infrastructure sector, states that:

“some £600Bn of both private and public investment is expected to fund infrastructure development over the next ten years…”

With this massive investment across nearly 700 projects aiming to improve UK roads and rail, hospitals and schools, energy, communications and, of course, utilities.

Information contained in the report is taken from the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline, plus the National Infrastructure Commission’s study into the regulation of the UK’s energy, telecoms and water industries to ensure the necessary levels of investment and innovation while keeping these critical services affordable for everyone.


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Recent figures from the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline point to utilities as the third largest sector by investment within infrastructure.

In this latest Tracker Spotlight, the team at Construction Online look at the different aspects of this crucial sub-sector of construction.

Download Tracker’s ‘Spotlight on Infrastructure and Utilities’ to get access to industry analysis and insight around:

  • The National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline
  • The Utilities Pipeline Analysis
  • National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline: Spend Analysis
  • Housing Infrastructure: The One Million Homes Pledge
  • Local Plans
  • Housing Infrastructure Fund
  • ICE State of the Nation 2019: Connecting Infrastructure with Housing
  • Current Market Conditions

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