What are Public Tenders?

In business and especially the procurement industry, the term tenders refer to the contract opportunities published by public sector organisations for goods, services, works and utilities. Are you looking to grow your business by tendering for public sector opportunities?

Understanding what public sector tenders are and how to tender for public sector contracts is probably the most commonly asked question by businesses looking to enter into this process.

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The public procurement process requires that an Invitation to Tender (ITT) is published to generate competing offers for the specified business the public sector organisation requires. These call for bids take different structured forms – open tenders and restricted tenders – but essentially they will set out details of what the public sector body wants supplied. 

Thus the term “tenders” is now used to cover any public contract opportunity.

Public Procurement Policy The UK government has published a policy which outlines the directives, regulations, policies and guidance relating to the procurement of supplies, services and works for the public sector. 

As a buyer or commissioner of supplies, services and works for the public sector they need to demonstrate they have followed all legal and internal obligations when advertising and reviewing tenders for any works. 

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is responsible for the legal framework for public sector procurement and leads on the development and implementation of procurement policies for government.


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