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With complete coverage of all commercial activity in the UK with Tracker Commercial Projects, you can access over 400,000 planning notices and 10,000 non-planning projects every year. With UK-wide and regional options available, you can easily identify all the key decision makers, bidders and influencers, identify solid opportunities and win new business as a direct result. Complementary to Tracker Tenders, TCP builds on the same innovative functionality to give you complete coverage of private sector leads, delivered in parallel with your public sector contracts.

Commercial Projects is an effective tool included within Tracker Intelligence’s Premier, Elite and Corporate packages. The tool is designed specifically for organisations seeking tenders within the private sector in a number of key industries, the most valuable being construction and infrastructure. As the only business solution of its kind in the procurement market today, Commercial Projects gives organisations a unique competitive edge to win construction tenders with early engagement and business intelligence.

Download the infographic below to gain information on the key statistics that emerged from the most recent National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline, published in November 2018. The Pipeline outlined infrastructure investment plans over the next decade, including a £600m investment to fund over 700 infrastructure projects across the UK. This investment will work to drive the construction sector, growing both businesses and the UK economy. Learn how Commercial Projects can help you find more private sector tenders, using features that give you exclusive access to the contact details of key decision-makers on contracts relevant to your business, within 24 hours of the contract being published.
Infrastructure Commercial Products Pipeline Infographic

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