COVID-19: National Planning Framework 4 Call for Ideas closing tomorrow


The Scottish Government extended the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) Call for Ideas from 31 March to 30 April, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Closing tomorrow, this includes the housing technical discussion paper and the invitation to submit projects for consideration as national developments.


What is the National Planning Framework?

Scotland’s NPF is a long-term spatial plan that sets out where development and infrastructure is needed in the country, to support sustainable and inclusive growth.

NPF4 will guide spatial development, set out Scotland’s national policies, designate national developments and reflect regional spatial priorities.

The Scottish Government believes that NPF4 has a huge part to play in how the country shapes its development between now and 2050. On the government website it states:


“It will be a long-term development plan for Scotland, setting out where development and infrastructure will be needed to support sustainable and inclusive growth while facing up to some domestic and global challenges. This is to be Scotland’s fourth National Planning Framework, and we need people from across sectors and from across Scotland to help us design it.”


How to get involved?

All suppliers are asked to watch a short PowerPoint which provides the context to NPF4.

They must then think about what they can deliver around NPF4’s 5 themes of climate change, people, work, place, and delivery.

This must be demonstrated as outlined on the Scottish Government’s website. All Ideas can be submitted to

If you are unable to get involved before early engagement period closes, the Scottish Government insists that there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved at other stages, including the formal consultation period on the draft NPF4 in the autumn.


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