Why UK local government is choosing Dynamic Purchasing Systems

In recent years UK Councils have been collaborating, ensuring that tax payers across the country are receiving value for money when it comes to public procurement.

This collaboration aims to improve their procurement practices and collaborative opportunities, as well as increasing efficiency and value for money by avoiding duplication of effort.

The rise of Dynamic Purchasing Systems

The Local Government Association has released “A guide to Dynamic Purchasing Systems within the public sector” *, in which they stated that Dynamic Purchasing Systems should become “a more considered and used option in public sector procurement.”

Why? Dynamic Purchasing Systems tend to be better suited to organisations that are targeted on areas of spend. The Local Government Association has said that “the annual spend figures for the DPS arrangements that are set up are typically in the millions.”

The top benefits of using Dynamic Purchasing systems

One of the benefits found by the Local Government Association of using a DPS arrangement is that the public sector has the “potential to increase access for harder to reach suppliers including small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Dynamic Purchasing Systems can also benefit suppliers as they are flexible: suppliers can join a DPS arrangement at any stage of its lifetime.

Find DPS opportunities

It is expected that Dynamic Purchasing Systems are only going to grow in popularity with local government and other public sector buyers. DPS can be competitive as the supplier selection is ongoing, so it is important for your organisation to use business intelligence when bidding for opportunities.

Tracker’s Dynamic Purchasing Systems tool has been designed to help suppliers find DPS opportunities. You can try it now by getting 3-day free access to our most popular package – Tracker Premier.

Follow the link to learn more about Dynamic Purchasing Systems.

* https://www.local.gov.uk/guide-dynamic-purchasing-systems-within-public-sector-it-right-you-and-your-suppliers