Comparing Public and Private Sector Tenders

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Procurement differs greatly between the public and private sectors. If you are new to procurement, getting your head around the two can be difficult.

We compare both types of procurement below.

How does procurement differ?

Public procurement, also known as public sector procurement, is typically government-sponsored, be it by central or local government.

Private sector tendering, also known as supply chain tendering, works differently from public sector procurement. It is governed by fewer regulations which means it is less restricted.

How is it similar?

Operating according to distinct regulatory regimes is of course one of the most obvious differences between public and private sector procurement; however, that does not mean that private sector tendering is only very lightly constrained. There remain regulations governing private sector procurement, such as laws for monitoring equality and bribery.


Added value

As there are nevertheless fewer regulations surrounding private sector tendering, private businesses do not need to offer an equal playing field to potential suppliers.

Private procurement is typically conducted by for-profit organisations; this means that offering the private sector client added value could give your business a decisive edge over the competition.

As private sector buyers tend to be guided chiefly by the profit motive, if you can offer something unique as part of any potential contract agreement then the client may be swayed towards selecting your organisation. Differentiate your business from your competitors. When you are writing a private sector tender bid, always specify the add-ons which are included in your price. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and give them the full picture of what your business can offer.


How can Tracker help?

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