Number of businesses seeking help for exports increases by 50%

Picture showing business opportunities in UKTI exports support

The number of businesses who receive export support has increased by 50% in the last financial year, Trade Minister Lord Livingston has announced.

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) helped 47,960 businesses from 2013 to 2014 to export for the first time or find new markets through its extensive network of specialists in the UK and in British embassies around the world.

Trade Minister Lord Livingston said: “Over the last 4 years, UKTI has more than doubled the number of companies it has helped.

“It has found them distributors in new markets, helped them sell online around the world, supported their first trade show, provided them with advice on over 100 markets around the world and much more.

“As part of our long term economic plan, we want to increase the number of small and medium size companies that sell internationally as this creates growth and new jobs in all UK regions and all industries.”

Business opportunities from government support for exporting

Support from UKTI was worth £49.1 billion to the UK economy in additional overseas sales as a direct result of the advice delivered which is expected to create or safeguard 220,000 jobs.

Companies receiving support related to the United States saw this biggest increase, 51% (4131 businesses), followed by China, 47% (2961 businesses), and Brazil, 38% (1415 businesses). Other countries included the UAE 28% (1824 businesses), Germany 24% (3413 businesses), France 19% (2199 businesses) and India 15% (2453 businesses).

To continue this support, UKTI will be holding its 6th Export Week during the week of 10 to 14 November which a series of events over the UK aimed at helping businesses get the most out of exporting to benefit their business.

Using Tracker to increase your exporting opportunities

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